Integrated Technologies

Integrated with all leading apps and platforms on the world.

Circle Fitness 2

Nike plus

Circle Fitness 3

Run Keeper

Circle Fitness 4

Map My Run

Circle Fitness 5

Google Fit

Circle Fitness 6


Circle Fitness 7


Circle Fitness 8


Circle Fitness 9


Circle Fitness 10


Circle Fitness 11


Circle Fitness 12


Circle Fitness 13


App Circle Cloud Go

Connects Circle Equipments with the user’s phone.

Circle Fitness 14

Connects Circle Fitness Devices and smartphone, and InBody Body Composition Analyser.

Asset Management

Club manager easily controls and manages Circle Fitness equipments in the club.


A detailed summarized overview gives operator a clear status of the machines in the facility. The information includes equipment’s usage, running status, software version and more.

Maximize Asset Utilization

Prolong the equipment lifecycle to its max and keep maintenance cost to minimum.

Demographic Study

This chart is designed to you help you understand your customer base and their preference by selecting the demographic categories. Now you could plan equipment, floor space, facility ambience and even class better that are suited
to your facility’s demographic preference.

Engage Members

We believe member engagement is the future to the success of the fitness clubs. A member who is more
engaged in his or her fitness regime the club has to offer will be more loyal and will introduce more of his or her
friends to join. Member engagement = Member retention + Member expansion

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