Miha Bodytec 1

EMS Training equipment

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Miha Bodytec Device

General information

  • Manufactured in Germany.
  • USA FDA-Certified (Mã số: K182519)
  • Certified by DIN 33961-5.
  • Electric safety standard: 21 CFR 898 (USA)
  • Standards:
    ISO 14971:2007 ; AAMI ANSI ES 60601-; 1_2005/(R)2012 And
    A1:2012; IEC 60601-1-2:2014; IEC 60601-1-11:2010; IEC 60601-2-10:2012; IEC 62304:2015; IEC 62366-1:2015; ISO 10993-1:2009; ISO 10993-5:2009; ISO 10993-10:2010.
  • Body is made solely from high quality Aluminum frame.
  • Multi-color, high-definition Display
  • User data storation with RFID technology.
  • 3D simulated trainer.
  • Continuous update software.
  • Highly-customisable
  • Connection: WIFI, bluetooth, USB
  • Power supply:
    100 – 240 V ~ 50 – 60 Hz
  • Current intensity: < 100 µA
  • Weight (whole machine): 20.1kg
  • Dimension [ W x D x H ] = 54 x 52 x 120 cm
Miha Bodytec 2
Miha Bodytec 1

Since 2007, Miha Body has been the leading equipment brand in the EMS Training market, with TRUST from not just fitness centres but also Olympic Athletes, Celebrities, and C-level executives.

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Miha Bodytec 4

Usain Bolt
8 Olympic Gold Medal
Track and Run

Miha Bodytec 5

David Haye (right)
Multiple World Champion

Miha Bodytec 6

Tom Holland
“Spider-man” Hollywood actor.

Miha Bodytec 7

Alessandra Ambrosio
Victoria Secret Angel.

Miha Bodytec 8

Rafael Nadal
Professional Tennis Player
“The King of Clay”

EMS Training

What is EMS Training?

EMS is short for Electro Muscle Stimulation. Effectively it acts as an amplifier. With every movement you make in normal life, a motor nerve is stimulated by impulses from the brain, thereby giving your muscles the “command” to tense – which is a muscle contraction. The result: the muscles contract, and you can walk, shake someone’s hand or lift a weight. EMS replicates this impulse to make your muscles contract via a safe, low- frequency pulse of electrical current.

How soon will I see results?

You should feel the results immediately as you will be working your muscles in a deeper and more intense way than you have experienced before. After 4 to 5 sessions most clients start to notice differences in their strength and posture and after 6 to 8 sessions the results should start to become visible – that is less than 3 hours of training in total!!

Is EMS safe? Does it hurt?

The EMS machines are completely safe. Miha Bodytec manufacture the machines, they are a German company and the market leaders – all of their EMS machines have gone through the most rigorous of safety checks and meet all German and EU guidelines for medical devices. The technology has been used for decades in hospitals as a safe, effective rehabilitation method and most major Olympic athletes now use EMS for their training:

  • USA FDA (K182519) for the safety of  Miha Bodytec.
  • DIN 33961-5 Certification (Germany) for the safety of Miha Bodytec.

As with many training programmes, EMS is not recommended for anyone who is:

  • Pregnant.
  • has a pacemaker or other electrical implant.
  • has an acute illness, such as fever, viral infection or acute inflammatory disease

Who should train with EMS Trainig Miha Bodytec?

Trừ những trường hợp đã nêu ở mục trên, tất cả mọi người đều phù hợp để luyện tập cùng với công nghệ EMS Training và Miha Bodytec.
Dù cho bạn có chế độ tập luyện nhẹ nhàng, hay chế độ vận động viên Olympic, thì cũng đều tiếp nhận được lợi ích từ EMS Training. Luyện tập EMS có những lợi ích đặc biệt với những nhóm sau:

  • Sportsmen & Women looking to be fitter, stronger, faster….
    Whether you are training for a triathlon, wanting to improve your speed round the court, looking to hit the ball further or be faster up the hills. By focusing on the muscle groups that are important for your sport, EMS can make a huge difference to your results
  • You’re short of time but want to keep fit & strong….
    Your busy schedule doesn’t allow you time to keep fit. You may be on the daily commuting run, or a Mum with endless tasks! EMS takes 20 minutes each week and can achieve superb results in improved fitness, weight loss, muscle strengthening and general feel good factor
  • You are recovering from injury and want to strengthen your muscles and regain your fitness with zero impact….
    You want to start strengthening again after an injury, or want to keep fit while you are injured. EMS is a fantastic option. Because it is low impact & puts minimal strain on your joints you can still focus on strengthening injured areas and muscles around your injury. In addition EMS workouts require only very gentle exercises so you can still work out with an injury. EMS has been shown to be particularly effective when used to help with back problems

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