Today, as more and more adults are making decisions that will help them age in place, a little bathroom tech and thoughtful design can go a long way toward creating a wellness retreat that allows you to do just that.

The benefits of steam have been well-known for centuries. It’s a great way to put pep back in your step or help you slow down and recover. Perfect for any age, but especially for those looking to increase blood flow and loosen stiff joints, a steam shower is designed with your comfort and quality of life in mind.

Steam can help address typical effects of aging, with potential wellness benefits like rejuvenated skin, stress reduction, brain health via improved sleep, and heart health.

Whether you’re looking to maintain an active lifestyle or simply need a place to escape and unwind, here are a few ideas to help you create a spa experience that’s both safe and straightforward.

How to Create a Safe, Easy-to-Use Spa Experience for Older Adults? 1Average life expectancy of Vietnam – General Statistics Office – 2019.

Một trong những hoạt động góp phần bảo vệ và nâng cao sức khỏe phổ biến đó là tắm xông hơi. Việc này giúp cho máu của họ lưu thông tốt hơn, các cơ bắp được thư giãn, cũng như các khớp trở nên trơn tru hơn.

Để phục vụ tốt các khách hàng lớn tuổi nói riêng, cũng như các khách hàng phòng spa xông hơi của mình nói chung, chúng ta nên thực hiện một số các biện pháp an toàn như:

Welcome to the No-Fall Zone

According to the CDC, most falls in the home happen in the bathroom, but a steam shower lends itself to a no-fall zone. A place to sit in the shower, like deep bench seating, reduces the risk of falls, while easy-to-access controls and adjustable plumbing make for a comfortable and protective experience.

Plan now for what you may also want later: We know and love zero-entry showers because they equal zero-issues. Easily navigating in and out of the shower is a luxury for all and, for some, a must, especially with wet floors and slippery tiles.

How to Create a Safe, Easy-to-Use Spa Experience for Older Adults? 2
Spa Cabin Carmenta has every protection and fall prevention method implemented.

Technically, It’s Called Relaxing

In truth, as you age, ‘set it and forget it’ means more fun and less worry. You’ve earned the time to take your time to feel great and relax. But how easy is it to add steam and know how to operate it? Answer: Really easy.

You’ve Earned It

At any time of day or night, simply 15 minutes of steam bathing can help put your mind at ease. Introducing technology into your home that will give you new vitality is a terrific way to start — including a steam shower. The heat, silence and privacy will help you relax in the moment, and the personal investment will stand the test of time.

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