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This is the world’s leading advanced body analyzer with a number of advantages with accuracy, speed, and usefulness that allows users to quickly evaluate body fat, muscle mass and water volume within one minute of simple operation. This is achieved by standing on the device and placing hands on the electrodes.
InBody automatically saves data from InBody units to Lookin’Body Web — InBody’s cloud database management system. As a result, it is easy to view and manage client results and monitor progress anytime, anywhere


Carmenta is a global leader in design and manufacture of wellness suites. It creates and produces a patented material that is resistant to heat and humidity. Carmenta is perfect for hotel chains and luxury residential projects wishing to create wellness cabins.


Miha Bodytec enables users to gently and effectively train both specific muscle groups as well as their whole body. The effect can be seen and felt in no time at all. This is a product suitable for those who do not have much time to practice but the effect is still high and still have strong muscular system.