Core & Stretching

We offer users more comfortable ways to strengthen their core with efficient, well-designed solutions. While stretching is important during a proper warm-up and cool-down, our stretching products support in helping to reduce the likelihood of injury before, during and after workouts.

Multi-Station & Races

Multi-station units create versatile strength training areas that help operators make the most of their floor space while quickly adjusting settings to maximize impact and results. At Attivo, we offer a variety of effective multi-station machines that provide plenty of options for workout facilities.

Benches & Racks

Our benches and racks offer the highest standards in durability and aesthetics. The premium design of this equipment seamlessly integrates with most other equipment. A wide range of benches and racks allows users to create a complete strength training performance environment.

Functional Training

We believe that every strength training facility should be equipped with the most innovative and engaging strength training equipment. Our functional selected products offer reliable operation, increased functionality, and better results to help users strengthen their bodies

Selected Products

Our selected products are offered with a focus on refining specific muscle groups. The high-performance designs ensure that your members are getting the most out of every moment they spend pursuing their fitness goals.