Core & Functional


INFINITY includes premium commercial wall mounted, corner mounted, and freestanding modular functional storage systems
• COLLECTION includes high performance commercial free-weights, storage, benches, studio and multi-functional training equipment
• SELECT includes commercial free-weights, storage rack, bench and studio accessory range for corporate gyms, hotels and private fitness environments
• XP includes high-intensity inspiring, expandable rigs system, and high-intensity training equipment: rigs, racks, storage and accessories
• EPS includes premium wellness equipment, such as agility, strength, and performance accessories


Queenax offers a portfolio of highly versatile, space-efficient and modular equipment, which allows operators to make the most of their valuable floor space. It also offers endless training options.
• THE ONE: compact wall mounted solution, ideal for 1-to-1 personal training, easily augmented for storage and suited to small fitness studios
• THE CORNER: space efficient configuration, easily expanded for users, thoughtful storage that keeps the exercise floor clear
• THE FORMAT: fixed to the ground free-standing unit, circuit and small group training, functional and suspension training, plenty of storage for easy access


Stroops uniquely provides resistance bands, which help users reach different lengths in all different resistance exercises. They offer convenient connectivity for use with different part of the body, be it abdomen, feet or hands. Thanks to the application of Slastix technology, the bands are extremely durable and allow users to work any body part at any time.


Coretex is a dish platform with handrail and heavy-duty base for fitness evaluation and coaching tools. The platform is constructed of durable ABS plastic and features a non-slip rubber surface and bumper for safety and security.