The award-winning Adaptive Motion Trainer® (AMT) — is an innovative cardio machine that adapts to the trainer’s motions and allows them to be in control and move at will. With AMT you can execute walking, stepping, cycling and elliptical motions, resulting in a total body workout. It has proven to be a versatile fitness tool that helps operators grow their business by delivering personalized exercise experiences that their members seek.


The first and ONLY leading elliptical machine with cross ramp technology. Featuring unique motions and multiple console options, our elliptical equipment offers smooth and reliable movement, making every workout comfortable and efficient, and promises to give operators the proven, reliable performance they can count on.


The most popular pieces of cardio equipment — our treadmills — give your members a smooth and responsive workout they will come back for. They offer some of the most innovative and user-friendly technologies to create an experience that enables a stronger, intense and longer workout.

Group Cycling

Spinning have built best performing indoor cycling bikes and accessories, creating the perfect bike for every type of rider. Beside top 3 differenttype of bikes, Spining provide great trainer eduction programs for continue
educations and inspiring classes.


We provide indoor cycles with reliability and durability for everyone. The state- of-the- art engineering of our indoorcycles combines with engaging digital technology to create extremely memorable exerciser experience. And with self- powered options, operators can place them anywhere within their facility.

Rowing Machine

Rowing machines give you a great workout for your entire body. At Attivo, we carry the best quality rowing machines that burn calories and build muscles in a safe and low-impact way. The machines deliver exceptional performance,
motivating training feedback and long life durability.